Band Resistors

Band resistors are manufactured specifically according to customer requirements and can reach megawatt-range capacities. In this type series, the individual resistor elements consist of longitudinally shaped band material. Depending on the individual case, a variety of resistors and stainless steel alloys with high energy absorbance capacities and rapid heat dissipation are used. Based on the customer’s requirements, they can be cooled passively by convection or actively using a specially sized fan. Band resistors are available with cooling by natural convection or as force-cooled resistors and are often seen in roof resistors, underfloor resistors, and tower resistors, and used as brake and switch resistors in diesel-electrical  locomotives, as brake and chopper resistors in variable speed drives, and as load and test resistors.



technical data
Resistance values 0.05 – 40 Ω
Continuous power Up to 3 MW
Protection class IP00 - IP23


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